Use this checklist before submitting an app


  1. [ ] My app uses DD app template provided by DroneDeploy?
    Download it here.

  2. [ ] My app uses components (wherever applicable) provided in DroneDeploy UI Kit?

  3. [ ] My app uses button styles provided in the styles.css in the DD app template?
    All action buttons should use our CSS classes and blue color: #2196F3

  4. [ ] My app uses Lato font (also provided in styles.css in the DD app template)?

  5. [ ] My app use row and column grid classes?

    <div class="row">
    <div class="input-field col-4">
    <input type="text" class="validate">
    <label for="first_name">Username</label>
  6. [ ] I have tested my app on Chrome browser?

  7. [ ] I have tested my app on Safari?

  8. [ ] I have tested my app on IE 10+ and Firefox? (Yes, some of our users use these browsers)

  9. [ ] I have tested my app on iOS or Android device?

  10. [ ] My app includes the success condition?


  • [ ] My app has a high resolution logo?
  • [ ] My app has a short description?
  • [ ] My app has a long description containing release notes and directions to use my app?
    Please note that you can use basic HTML to style your long description.

  • [ ] I have included atleast 2 (4 recommended) screenshots for my app?


Here is a great example of an app meeting all these criterias: Airdata UAV Sync app

Got Questions?

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