Success Condition

All new apps must call Track.succcessCondition() when the key functionality of the app has been performed. Before submitting an app for approval you'll have to successfully use your app then click "Submit for Approval" without refreshing, restarting, or switching devices. We ask our developers to do this for a couple reasons:

  • To encourage each app developer to think about what "success" means to the user
  • So we can help your app succeed and help you fix it when it's struggling (through tracking "successful" app runs)
  • To ensure every published app is testable and has been tested from the user's perspective

Even apps that require flights can be tested using the simulator. If you need help figuring out how to test your app or think it's a special case that should be exempted from this policy, reach out to us at

Before Success Condition Has Been Met

After Success Condition Has Been Met

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